SYNOPSIS: Four young men decide to set out on a journey of their life. They are moving from Mexico to Canada along with the tamed by them wild mustangs. Through these 3,000 miles, they have the opportunity to not only get used to the animals, but also to befriend them. The distrust between the horses […]


SYNOPSIS: The film chronicles five years from life of a Syrian family whose love is put to the test. Living in a country under Bashar al-Asad’s dictatorship, they try to cope with the extreme situation in the country ruled by the regime. Both Raghda and Amer had been arrested in Syria, which meant being separated […]


SYNOPSIS: The main protagonist of the movie is Senadin Ljubovic, a neuropsychiatrist, a Bosnian Muslim who hired Dr. Karadzic in a psychiatry clinic in Sarajevo before the war. Last time they had seen each other was right before the war started. Sixteen years later Ljubovic decides to go to the Detention Unit in Hague in […]


SYNOPSIS: Richard Wolf’s documentary tackles a serious topic of lives of the Syrian citizens who leave their country to flee the war. Their cities and towns turn into ruins and everyday life becomes impossible. Having left Syria, they live in a commune, where, in dire conditions, they try to live their previous lives. The film […]


SYNOPSIS: The film tells a story of an exhausting trek of two groups of illegal emigrants towards Europe – their dreamed El Dorado. The first group is composed of Afghans who have left Kabul, while the second group came from the Republic of Cameroon, one of the Central African States. They all travel like slaves, […]


SYNOPSIS: The Crossing by Georg Kurian chronicles the journey of a group of friends from Syria, who decide to leave their country in order to flee war and persecution. To do so, they have to abandon their families and friends. During the tough time, the mutual support helps them survive the hardships of the journey. […]


SYNOPSIS: In the Mexican state of Michoacan, Dr. Jose Mireles, a doctor from a small town, incites people to revolt against the brutal drug mafia called the Knights Templar. They wreak havoc and fear in the region by committing brutal murders. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Tim ‘Nailer’ Foley – an American veteran – leads a paramilitary […]


SYNOPSIS: This daring documentary film brings to our minds the gloomy masterpieces of Franz Kafka. The director – hacking his way through Europe which is enclosed by various walls – stops in different European refugee camps. The systems of walls and fences create a mysterious labyrinth, meanwhile, the landscapes, often imprisoned between the walls, reflect […]


SYNOPSIS: The conflict in Syria forces many of its citizens to leave the country. Whilst trying to obtain asylum in Europe, they long for the abandoned life. And yet, they know that there is no way back. Having met five Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Milan, a poet and a journalist decide to help them […]


SYNOPSIS: Unforgiven: Rwanda explores the interactions between the perpetrators and the people who became their victims – directly or not. Twenty years after the genocide in Rwanda, the state reconciliation programme calls the victims and their perpetrators to make an effort and try to forgive – and learn to live side by side. The film […]


SYNOPSIS: Rafał Sakalski’s documentary tells a story of coming of age in the Thai culture. A young Bangkok citizen, who lives a promiscuous life, decides to become a temporary Buddhist monk. This is where his hedonistic habits meet the ascetic traditions. In Thailand 70% of men decide to temporarily join a monastery. According to the […]


SYNOPSIS: In the shadow of the Central African Republic  rain forests there lives a tribe of the shortest people on Earth –  the Pygmies from the Baka ethnic group. Together they hunt, gather fruit picked from big trees, celebrate dances and pray to honour the spirits of the forest. However, with time, as the influence of […]


SYNOPSIS: Tanzania is a place with the highest number of people suffering from albinism. They significantly differ from the rest of the society because of the lack of pigmentation. They are extremely vulnerable to sunburns and skin cancer. However, the strong African sun is not the only threat they face. Other people are the worst […]


SYNOPSIS: This documentary film directed by Pablo De La Chic is an inspiring story presenting the power of football, which can change many people’s lives. Hundreds of millions of children practice this sport every day. For many of them a football scholarship is the only way to access education or to get a chance for […]


SYNOPSIS: The film entitled Gold Fever addresses the issue of the gold industry in Guatemala, a Latin America country. The activities connected with gold mines have a very negative impact on the poorest people in the area, who have no access to this business. Local residents have to fight for their land; they have to […]


SYNOPSIS: Anoranza is Flo Flamme’s first feature film. The young director presents in it a story about nostalgia and longing. The main character is an old Cuban, who lives in a world of old ideas. An old love, places which he has never seen – he talks about his memories and the desire for freedom. […]


SYNOPSIS: Sergiej lives in separation. His everyday life consists of challenges, which force him to fight nature and his own loneliness. In the extremely cold conditions he looks for independence and freedom. He spends most of the time breeding horses far away from his village. Animals replace his family and friends because he meets these […]


SYNOPSIS: Lot and Tigist are two completely different women, the first one lives in Bangladesh and the other one in Ethiopia. What they have in common is a desperate desire to break away from the extreme poverty. The only possible solution for them is to escape. They move to big cities such as Dhaka and […]