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25.11.2016 / FRIDAY26.11.2016 / SOBOTA27.11.2016 / NIEDZIELA
HOUR 18:00 Festival Café

About Russia – questions to Jędrzej Morawiecki and Piotr Bryczak.

What captives us in Russia? What Russians live and breathe nowadays? How to get to know Russia better? What do we have in common?

Those and other questions will be asked by Paulina Pielech from HumanDoc Foundation to our guests: Jędrzej Morawiecki and Piotr Brysacz, the authors of the book “And no islands. Talks about Russia and Ukraine” “Ani żadnej wyspy. Rozmowy o Rosji i Ukrainie”

HOUR 16:00 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The film screening: Gold Fever { Gorączka złota } combined with a debate

with Artur Domosławski, led by Ewa Jakubowska-Lorenz from the Institute of Global Responsibility.

Artur Domosławski, an expert on the Latin America, tracked and documented cases of people, who defend their land and waters from corporations expansion, often supported by the corrupted governments. Mr. Domosławski showed, that in this fight many of the citizens pay the highest prize.

Ewa Jakubowska-Lorenz is the Institute of Global Responsibility expert on problems related with raw material mining. IGO concentrates on, among others: researching Poles awareness of the social and environmental consequences related with their companies mining operations. It also indicates the unbreakable connection with the increasing consumption and development model in developed countries.

HOUR19:00 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

Meeting with the director – Pablo de la Chica after the film  The other kids Inne dzieci }.

The screening starts at 19.00. The meeting will be led by Piotr Gielo, journalist from  The Gol24 online portal.

HOUR 12:30 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

Meeting with the director Martyną Wojciechowską after the film The ghost people  Ludzie duchy }.

The screening starts at 12.30.

HOUR 15:00 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The free screening of The crossing { Przeprawa połączony z debatą combined with a debate “Europe at all cost – are we coping with the refugee crisis” organized in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission  in Poland.

In the debate participants will include: Bartłomiej Balcerzyk (European Parliament), Tomasz Cytrynowicz (Office for Foreigners), Rafał Kostrzyński (UNHCR), Agnieszka Kunicka (, Ewa Moncure (Frontex). The debate starts at 16.00.

HOUR 17:45 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The meeting with the director Michaiłem Baryninem after the film 24 snow { 24 śniegi }.

Film zaczyna się o 17:45.

HOUR 20:30 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The meeting with the director Marco Speroni po filmie 2 girls { 2 dziewczyny }.

The screening  starts at 20.30. The meeting will be led by the traveler Ewa Chojnowska, the author of the blog

HOUR 12:00 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The meeting with the director Flo Flamme after the film Anoranza { Anoranza }.

The screening starts at 12.00.

HOUR 14:00 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The meeting with the director Sean McAllister after the film Syrian Love Story { Syryjska Love Story }.

The screening starts at 14.00.

HOUR 16.30 Festival Café

The Kenyan Graffiti workshops.

The meeting will be led by Paulina Zając from Staromiejski Dom Kultury.

HOUR 16:30 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

The master workshops with Lukas and Salome Augustin combined with the film screening Unforgiven Niewybaczone }.

The screening starts at 16.30.

Workshops about how, where and most of All why is it worth it to make documentaries. Lukas Augustine is a young artist with incredible experience gained during film making in conflict zones. Being only 30 years old, he has already been in the most dangerous places in the world, such as Afghanistan or Congo, from where he managed to bring back shocking materials. Lukas was awarded for his directors and reporters actions with numerous awards. Lucas together with his wife Salome are leading the Augustin Pictures.

HOUR 20:00 Kinoteka, Cinema Hall 2

Awards Ceremony of the HumanDoc Festival finished with a free screening of Cartel Land { W krainie Karteli }.

The ceremony will start at 20.00.

During the ceremony the awards will be given to the best films from the 7th International Documentary Film Festival HumanDoc and prizes awarded by The HumanDoc Proclub Camera for the photo competition.