Lukas Augustin

Lukas Augustin (director) oraz Salome Augustin (producent)

– Lukas Augustin is a film maker and director of photography based in Germany. From 2006-2008, he lived with a local family in Afghanistan, learning Dari and working as a volunteer for the humanitarian aid organization Operation Mercy. After freelancing as a photojournalist and in the film world for several years producing documentaries and short films he returned to Afghanistan in 2011 with his wife, who also has a background in photography and directing. The trip resulted in “Afghanistan – Touch Down in Flight”. Initially it was featured on the iPad edition of the biggest national newspaper in Germany and later after uploading it to the internet received over 500,000 views within in the first months and garnished media recognition from around the world, including the Atlantic, MediaStorm and many others. He and his wife continue to access people and their stories in conflict zones and at the fringes of mainstream media coverage. They were one of the first media teams to enter Mogadishu after the war in 2011 and Lukas just returned from the Congo to report about the ongoing exploitation of conflict minerals. He and his wife founded Augustin Pictures a production company based in Germany while continuing his studies in Orient and Islamic Studies and Literature at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. At the same time he participates in a trainee program in cross-media journalism at the Journalisten-Akademie (academy of journalism) as a scholarship holder of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. For his film documentary work he has been awarded with the Jugendfilmpreis (German youth film award, category 18-23 years). He and his wife have both taken courses in film directing and production at the Met-Film School at Ealing Studios of London and at Prague Film School.